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We Remain Open To Serve You!  We’re essential to your home which means we stay open through shelter in place.

We Remain Open To Serve You!

We’re essential to your home which means we stay open through shelter in place.

7 Top Tips You Need to Know Before Calling Any Home Service Technician

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Your home is a haven for you, your spouse, your children, and your pets. It’s where you relax, share meals and enjoy time with loved ones. You work hard each day to make sure it is a place where your family feels comfortable. So when it comes to who you allow in your home for service appointments and repairs… how do you know who you can trust?

Choosing a technician for home service repairs doesn’t have to be scary! Although Milestone can address your plumbing, electrical and HVAC needs, we recognize there are many other reasons you might need to call a service technician out to your home. Below are 7 important things to consider when hiring ANY service technician. Do you know what to look for? Keep reading to find out!

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The technician you hire should be licensed specifically for the type of work they are completing in your home. An up-to-date license ensures they have completed the necessary courses to perform the work safely and correctly. Ask to see their state license and find out if their company provides on-going training.  Technology is changing every day; service technicians need continual training to keep up with these advancements. They should be able to provide proof of current insurance for their company as well.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a technician come to your home, spend time diagnosing issues with your home system…  and then tell you that they can’t fix the problem because they don’t have the right part. Why would a service technician come to your home without being prepared? Unfortunately, to save costs, many companies do not stock their trucks with all the necessary tools. Instead, they wait until their technician diagnoses an issue and then they proceed to order the needed parts. Although this might be convenient for the company, it is anything but convenient for the customer! When you call to schedule your service appointment- ask the customer service agent if the truck is stocked for your specific home issue. For example, if they are making a call to repair your A/C, do they have the parts to fix your specific A/C in their truck, loaded and ready? This simple question can be the difference between your system being repaired in a few hours or a few days.

There should be no surprises when it comes to pricing. A qualified technician will take the time to explain the costs and details of the service recommended–before the work is started. Making sure a customer feels comfortable with the quote is a sign of a good company. After the work is completed, the company should stand behind their work with a satisfaction guarantee. Having a warranty on the work performed will give you peace of mind and confidence in the service received. 

One common mistake that many people make is to only consider cost when hiring a service company. But remember, you get what you paid for. To avoid making this mistake- look at all the factors involved. Are the service technicians actual employees of the company or are they subcontracted for the job? Are the employees required to pass background checks? What service guarantees do they provide? Don’t choose a technician based on price alone. If you find a company that provides professional employees combined with a great warranty- the few extra dollars will be worth the high quality of work and service you receive in the long run.

Not all service technicians are the same. When you invite someone into your home to complete service work, you want to feel confident you have hired the best person for the job. A professional attitude and appearance is a reflection of the quality of the workmanship you can expect. Professional service technicians should value their customers’ time by arriving on time and finishing tasks promptly. Look for a company that has procedures in place to care for customers’ homes while repairs are made. A professional technician will be diligent about completing the work as neatly as possible and preventing damage to walls, flooring, furniture, or home possessions. When the work is completed, technicians should clean up after themselves and leave the job as clean as they found it.

Experience matters! Choose a company that has consistently served customers in your area for years. A professional company will have a reputation for providing excellent service for their customers. Years of experience and customer satisfaction adds value to the services you are paying for. Not sure how long a company has been in business? Check their website and online customer reviews. Call the company and talk to their customer service representatives. All of these touchpoints should give you a good feel for the company and what to expect when they arrive at your home. 

A recommendation from someone whose opinion you trust is invaluable. Knowing that they had a positive experience with a service company gives you peace of mind. Reading a friend’s review or hearing a family member endorse a company helps you choose a company known for having a high level of service and workmanship. Recommendations can come from family, friends, and trusted neighbors. Be sure to check online too and see what other customers are saying. If there are negative reviews, what efforts has the company made to review and address them? Successful companies are always looking for ways to improve and make sure their customers are satisfied. 

Now that you know what to look for, do some research. Find out which name comes up over and over again as providing the highest level of service in your area with the most professional employees. It should be easy to find the companies that meet all seven qualifications because they will make it evident on their website! If you can’t easily find the information you are looking for, chances are they probably do not meet these standards. 

Interested in the guarantees we make to our customers? Check out our 5 Super Guarantees here. We think you will agree, “When you need a technician, and you want one you can trust… you will call Milestone!” 

Call Milestone

Call Milestone

If you looked at all the information available, you may draw that conclusion yourself! Milestone has grown to where it is because of our never ending focus on customer satisfaction! Milestone is ready to meet any electrical, cooling, heating, plumbing, drain cleaning or window cleaning need you may have and exceed all expectations. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to show our customers that we’ll stop at nothing to give each one of them a superb customer care experience! We love being called the “favorite Dallas Technician” and “Fort Worth Technician!”


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