Milestone Technicians Witness Hit and Run


Milestone Technician Witness Hit & Run

Milestone technicians Adam and Billy are more than just experts on home services – they’re also both volunteer firemen, too. And that first responder training proved very useful on their way to work recently.

It started off as a normal day, with one small exception. As they traveled to Milestone in their company vehicles, they got diverted from the typical route by a road closure. It seemed insignificant at first, but…

“It turned out to be a blessing in disguise that we got re-routed,” Adam said. On this alternate route, Adam and Billy watched as a car got T-boned. The driver that caused the accident then sped off.

Training and adrenaline kicked in as Adam and Billy got out and rushed to the victim.

“The driver was coming in and out of consciousness,” Adam said. “The good news is that she didn’t have any noticeable injuries but of course we took all the precautions we could.”

As Billy made sure the driver didn’t have any spinal injuries, Adam called 911.

Arlington Police showed up in minutes and Adam gave them a description of the vehicle and the direction it was headed. The hit-and-run driver was apprehended with the help of this information.

In the meantime, an ambulance and the Arlington fire department showed up, too.

“Billy never left her side until the other medical care arrived,” Adam said. “Then we got out of the way and let everyone do their jobs.”

Wow, Adam and Billy, we know you’re used to emergencies, but thanks for stepping in off-duty and providing care and assisting with information that stopped an out-of-control driver! That’s another story of how Milestone technicians ‘Give Em A Pickle’!

*At Milestone, we believe in the philosophy of ‘Give Em A Pickle’. When you go to a restaurant and ask for extra pickles, a good restaurant will just give them to you without making a fuss or charging you more… just like Milestone always looks for ways to give you extras at no charge! We’re always looking for ways big and small to help our clients and community.