3 Things Drain Cleaning



Have you ever heard that you’re supposed to pour bleach down your drains regularly to keep them clean? This can do much more harm than good. Bleach is extremely corrosive and can cause a lot of damage to your home’s pipes. It can also react with other substances in your drain and cause further clogs and damage.


This is a tough one! How easy is it to just turn on the garbage disposal and get rid of all your leftover dinner without filling up the garbage can? Unfortunately, this is not at all what garbage disposals are made for. They are only designed to handle scraps that fall down the drain during dishwashing, not entire meals. Plus, not all foods are created equally and the garbage disposal will have a harder time shredding. Doing this will cause the blades to become dull and eventually break down, causing a costly repair.


For all of our cat owners that buy “flushable” litter, you probably want to avoid actually doing that. Even though it says it’s flushable it can easily clogs your drains. Flushing clumps can get stuck and back up your pipes, especially if they’re flushed too close back to back. Another danger is the contaminants that pet waste contain. Anytime you flush pet waste down the toilet you are introducing bacteria and pollution into the waterways.

If the unfortunate time comes that you need a drain cleaning specialist, know that Milestone is the team to call. All of our technicians are licensed, drug-tested, and background checked for your peace of mind. You can trust that your homes’ best care is our #1 priority. Click here to schedule a visit and we’ll be sure to Fix It In A Flash!

Lennox Feel The Love


Last month, Milestone was able to contribute to a life-changing cause in the north Texas area. We were able to partner with Lennox in their Feel The Love campaign. Through this program, Lennox was able to find people in our community in need of a new heating or air conditioning system who may not have had the finances to replace their units themselves and bless the family with a new unit.

Lennox was generous enough to donate brand new units to these chosen recipients and Milestone came in to assist with the installation. We were so glad that we got to be a part of such an impactful project! Our technicians volunteered their time on their day off and installed a brand new unit for a few lucky homeowners. You can find out more about the Lennox Feel The Love campaign by visiting feelthelove.com and Bloomsburg Rentals.

Here at Milestone, we love getting to serve the community around us. This is one of many ways that we reach out and make a difference for those around us! Check out the two videos below to see how everything went.

State Fair of Texas 2018


The State Fair of Texas is one of our favorite times of the year at Milestone! Every October you get to spend time with family & friends trying out all the new fried foods, having a Corny Dog & and Dr Pepper (thanks guys!), riding the ferris wheel, and taking a selfie with Big Tex. We hope that you were able to take some time to go enjoy all that the fair has to offer!

Milestone Mark decided to join in on the fun on opening day and we loved getting to see some of our Milestone customers while he was there! Here are a few pictures from our visit, hope you enjoy!


Milestone Technician Helps Teens

Milestone Tech Helps Teens


Milestone technician Wayne was driving down the road when he noticed a couple of older teens stranded in the middle of the road with a flat tire. And they didn’t look at all confident they knew what they were doing.

“My first thought was that was awful dangerous to be doing in the middle of the road, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing,” Wayne said. “So, I pulled up next to them and asked if they had ever changed a flat before.”

They just kind of giggled and Wayne knew that meant they needed help. And he not only helped them – he taught them, too.

He showed them how to set the jack in the right spot, and how to loosen the lugs before raising the car.

“We never even thought of that!” they told Wayne.

After mounting the new tire, and lowering the car, Wayne advised them to go as soon as possible to get the temporary spare replaced with a proper tire.

“Before I sent them on their way, I made a last check to make sure the lugs were on tight,” Wayne said.

Wayne also told them one of the reasons he stopped was to uphold Milestone’s philosophy to help out with little extras whenever we can.

“We call it ‘Give ‘Em A Pickle’” Wayne said. He could tell they were confused so he explained it was exactly like going to a restaurant and asking for extra pickles. A good restaurant will just give them to you without making a fuss or charging you more… just like Milestone always looks for ways to give you extras at no charge.

Thanks Wayne for going out of your way to stop and help. That’s a great Pickle!